William Collins (1721-1759), Augustan Age: 18th Century Literature

Collins exhibits deeper feelings, especially the feelings of melancholy in his poetry. During his time the heroic and legendary world of the north, and the world of Celtic antiquity were opened up by spreading interest in the romantic past. Some of Collins’ Odes were found superior to those of Thomas Gray. Collins advocated the slogan of the French Revolution ‘Return to nature in his poetry.

Collins’ remarkable poems are:

(a) Oriental Eclogues (1742): It is Collins’ first poem which is written in an artificial style of rhyming couplets, though it is romantic in tone.
(b) Ode to Simplicity.
(c) Ode to Fear.
(d) Ode to the Passions.
(e) Ode to Evening.
(f) How to Sleep the Brave: It is a lyric.
(g) Ode on the Popular Superstitions of the Highlands (1750): Collins brought the supernatural element in this poem by bringing in fairies, witches, pigmies, and some other medieval elements.
(h) In Yonder Grave a Druid Lies.

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