What is Wrong With India Films

What is Wrong With India Films Objective Questions are very important for exam point of view for all those candidates who are going to appear in objective type is written examinations and who want to know more about Class 10th English Literature. Check English literature objective multiple choice question answers on What is Wrong With India Films English Literature.

What is Wrong With India Films Objective Questions

1. Who is the author of What is Wrong with Indian films?
A. Satyajit Ray
B. Mahadevi Verma
C. Walter De La Mare
D. Puran Singh

Ans:- A. Satyajit Ray

2. ln which of the following international films festival Satyajit Ray received an award?
A. Venice
B. Cannes
C. Berlin
D. All of these

Ans:- D. All of these

3. In what is wrong with Indian films? the author compares Indian films with …….. films.
A. Korean
B. Japanese
C. western
D. Pakistani

Ans:- C. western

4. The Cinema ………… in various measures the function of poetry, music painting, drama, architecture and a host of other arts, major and minor.
A. combines
B. destroys
C. deletes
D. rescues

Ans:- A. combines

5. In which year first short film was produced in India?
A. 1907 A.D.
B. 1919 A.D.
(c)1925 A.D.
D. 1947 A.D.

Ans:- A. 1907 A.D.

6. In which year first featured film of India was produced?
A. 1913 A.D.
B. 1925 A.D.
C. 1935 A.D.
D. 1947 A.D.

Ans:- A. 1913 A.D.

7. Ray used to compose ………… for his own films.
A. Script
B. music
C. songs
D. none of these

Ans:- B. music

8. Which of the following film was produced by Satyajit Ray?
A. Pather Panchali
B. Shatranj Ke Khiladi
C. Charulata
D. All of these

Ans:- D. All of these

9. According to an author, which of the following commands is the respect accorded to any other form of creative expression?
A. Music
B. Literature
C. Cinema
D. Sports

Ans:- C. Cinema

10. What does the word ‘ mysterious ’ mean?
A. Secret
B. Impossible to understand
C. hidden facts
D. None of these

Ans:- B. Impossible to understand

11. Often by a queer process of reasoning …….. was equated with action and action with melodrama.
A. Movement
B. Producing
C. Acting
D. Direction

Ans:- A. Movement

12. What our cinema needs about everything else is a style, an idiom a sort of ……… of cinema which would be uniquely and recognizably Indian.
A. finance
B. studio
C. committee
D. iconography

Ans:- D. iconography

13. The raw material of Cinema is …….. itself.
A. studio
B. camera
C. hall
D. life

Ans:- D. life

14. Satyajit Ray was born on
A. May 2, 1821
B. May 2, 1921
(c)May 1, 1920
D. April 2, 1922

Ans:- B. May 2, 1921

15. Who is best known for ‘Pather Panchali’?
A. Puran Singh
B. Vidyapati
C. Satyajit Ray
D. Dr. Trinath Mishra

Ans:- C. Satyajit Ray

16. It should be realized that the average American film is a
A. good model
B. bad model
C. successes
D. big business

Ans:- B. bad model

17. But the truly Indian film should …….. clear of such inconsistencies
A. steer
B. clear
C. stare
D. majorly

Ans:- A. steer

18. meaning of the word ‘versatile’ is
A. mechanical
B. many days
C. many-sided
D. clear

Ans:- C. many-sided

19. After all, we do ………. the primary tools of film making.
A. process
B. poses
C. posses
D. possess

Ans:- D. possess

20. The ……… of our film are replete visual dissonances?
A. majority
B. minority
C. seniority
D. inferiority

Ans:- A. majority

21. Today, the cinema commands the same respect as any other type of …….
A. art
B. science
C. both of these
D. creative expression

Ans:- D. creative expression

22. The lifestyle shown in the American films is completely different from………
A. The real lifestyle
B. The American lifestyle
C. The Indian lifestyle
D. none of these

Ans:- C. The Indian lifestyle

23. IPTA’S Dharti – Ke – Lal and Shankar’s ‘ Kalpana’ are the two films, whose style of production has pleased the
A. Critics
B. Author
C. Public
D. None

Ans:- B. Author

24. What did India take up surprising early?
A. poetry
B. story
C. novel
D. film production

Ans:- D. film production

25. Who has only to keep his eyes open?
A. Author
B. filmmakers
C. Audience
D. poet

Ans:- B. filmmakers

26. Let us face the
A. lie
B. truth
C. film
D. shown

Ans:- B. filmmakers

27. Indian music is ………. in nature.
A. accorded
B. provisional
C. current
D. improvisational

Ans:- D. improvisational

28. Cinema was considered as just ……..
A. having one side
B. hallmark
C. a mechanical toy
D. the wonderful thing

Ans:- C. a mechanical toy

29. Who our films are not shown ………
A. around
B. all round
C. abroad
D. everywhere

Ans:- C. abroad

30. the technicians will ……… the tools.
A. claim
B. blame
C. praise
D. declaim

Ans:- B. blame

31. The first feature film was shot in …….. India.
A. 1912
B. 1913
C. 1914
D. 1915

Ans:- B. 1913

32. The ……… with music failed in our case.
A. analogs
B. mythology
C. analogy
D. sociology

Ans:- C. analogy

33. When was the first short film produced in India?
A. 1904
B. 1906
C. 1909
D. 1907

Ans:- D. 1907

34. Who is Satyajit Ray
A. storyteller
B. writer
C. poet
D. film director

Ans:- D. film director

35. By the twenties, the film had reached the …… of long business.
A. status
B. states
C. statutes
D. statistics

Ans:- A. status

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