The Age Of Chaucer (1340- 1400)            Or  (14th Century Literature)

Chaucer's life : He was born in London in 1340 . He was a great scholar who becomes a page of the Duchess of Clarence in 1357. He was taken prisoners while fighting in France with Edward III and ransomed. He married Phillipa de Roet, the sister of John of Gaunt’s third wife. He made several diplomatic journeys to France and Italy and got the opportunity to gain access to the work of Dante,Petrarch and Boccaccio. Chaucer is known as the father of English Poetry. He is the greatest figure of English literature of the 14th century . He is also called as the first great National poet of England , as the father of English novel and a prince of plagiarists.He was buried in Westminster Abbey in 1400.

Chaucer’s works divided into three periods:

(1) The French Period (2) The Italian Period (3) The English Period

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(1). The French Period : Chaucer wrote books during this Period (1) The Romance of the Rose (2) The Book of the Duchess (3) Minor Works of the French Period     (1) The ABC     (2) The Complaint unto Pity      (3) The Complaint of Mar     (4) Queen Anelida

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(2). The Italian Period : During this Period he wrote   (1) Troylus and Cryseyde   (2) The Parlement of Foule   (3) The House of Fame   (4) The Legenda of good  women

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(3) The English Period :  During this Period he wrote (1) The Canterbury Tales

Chaucer to Shakespeare Objective Question

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