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Robert Burns (1759-1796)

Born: January 25, 1759, Alloway Scotland

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Died: July 21, 1796 (aged 37) Dumfries Scotland

Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland, wrote lyrics and songs in Scots and in English. He was also famous for his amours and his rebellion against orthodox religion and morality.

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His works:

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1. Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (1786): This book made Burns instantly famous as a poet.

2. Famous songs are:  (a) My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose  (b) Highland Mary  (c) The Banks O'Doon

3. Poems with a romantic element are :  (a) The Cotter's Saturday Night (1784-88)  (b) To a Mouse  (c) To a Mountain Daisy  (d) Winter: A Dirge

4. Comic Satires are:  (a) The Twa Dogs  (b) Tam O'Shanter (1793)  (c) The Jolly Beggar

5. Other Poems are:  (a) Epistle to a Young Friend  (b) The Vision  (c) A Bard's Epitaph

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Robert Burns's Life