Dr.Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

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Born: 18 September 1709 Lichfield, England


Died : 13 December 1784  London, England

Resting place: Westminster Abbey

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Education : Lichfield Grammar School Political party Tory

Spouse: Elizabeth Porter  (m. 1735; died 1752)

His works:

(a) London (1738) (b) The Life of Savage (1744) (c) The Vanity of Human Wishes (1749) (d) A Dictionary of the English Language (1755)

(e) Shakespeare (1765) (f) Journey to the Western Island of Scotland (1775) (g) The Rambler, Rassellas, a Prince of Abyssinia (1759) (h) The Lives of the Poets (1779-81)

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Dr.Samuel Johnson's Life (1709-1784)


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