In-office: London UK, Manchester UK

Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, other quantitative fields (e.g., Physics, Mathematics), or equivalent practical experience.

Experience with Analytic Warehouse solutions, data movement from data stores into Analytic Warehouses, and performance or scalability optimizations.

Experience in implementing analytics systems architecture and cloud computing. Experience with technologies, methodologies, and solutions in the technology space.

Preferred qualifications:

Experience working in a specialist area of technology.

Experience with developing data warehousing, data lakes, batch or real-time event processing, and ETL workflows solutions including architecture design, implementing, tuning, schema design, and query optimization of scalable and distributed systems.

Experience in writing code in development languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, Scala, R, or Go.

Understanding of DNS, TCP, Firewalls, Proxy Servers, Load Balancing, VPN, VPC, and Linux.

Ability to quickly learn, understand or work with emerging technologies, methodologies, and solutions.