Victorian Age

100+ Victorian Age MCQ Questions in English Literature

1. Queen Victoria Succeed to the throne of England after
Ans:- William IV

2. The golden jubilee of Queen Victoria celebrated in
Ans:- 1887

3. Queen Victoria became the Empress of India in
Ans:- 1876

4. Oxford movement was basically a
Ans:- Religious Movement

5. Oxford Movement was started by
Ans:- The Scholars of Oxford University

6. Who was the leader of the Pre-Raphaelite group
Ans:- D.G Rossetti

7. Who is the author of The Blessed Damozel?
Ans:- D. G Rossetti

8. Who is the author of Aurora Leigh?
Ans:- Elizabeth Barrette Browning

9. The Basic theme of Arnold’s literature and dogma is
Ans:- Theology

10. Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy deals with the subject of
Ans:- Education

11. Which of the following novel is called a ”Novel without a hero”?
Ans:- Vanity Fair

12. What is meant by Wexxes?
Ans:- The Region in which Hardy’s Novel is set

13. George Eliot’s Novel Romola is a
Ans:- Historical Novel

14. George Eliot was the pen name of
Ans:- Mary and Evan

15. Charles Dickens left one novel unfinished, which one is
Ans:- Edwin Drood

16. Who wrote ” If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him?
Ans:- Voltaire

17. Tennyson was appointed as the Poet Laureate after
Ans:- William Wordsworth

18. In In Memoriam Tennyson mourns the death of
Ans:- Arthur Hallam

19. Mathew Arnold’ Thyrsis is an elegy written on the death of
Ans:- Hugh Clough

20. Who defines ”Poetry is a criticism of life, under the condition fixed for such a criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty”
Ans:- Mathew Arnold

21. In which of Hardy’s novel the scene of wife’s auction takes place?
Ans:- The Mayor of Casterbridge

22. Wilkie Collins is known for
Ans:- The creation of sensational plots

23. What award was given to Hardy as a novelist
Ans:- Oder of Merit

25. In one of his novels Hardy says ”Happiness but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain” in which of the following novel
Ans:- The Mayer of Caster bridge

26. Hardy quotes Shakespeare remarks ”As flies to the wanton boys are we to the God they kill us for their spot”
Ans:- Tess

26. Hardy believes in the philosophy of
Ans:- Immanent Will

27. Who is the author of Prometheus Bound?
Ans:- Elizabeth Barrette Browning

28. Which of the following poets says ”Nature is red in tooth and claw?
Ans:- Tennyson

29. Which of the following novel of Charles Dickens is autobiographical
Ans:- David Copperfield

30-Who is the author of the novel No Name?
Ans:- Willkie Collins

31. Dickens said about one of his novels, ”I like this the best” Which novel he is referring to
Ans:- David Copperfield

32. Who is the author of Dr. Jaykal and Mr. Hyde?
Ans:- R.L Stevenson

33. Charles Dickens’s characters generally are
Ans:- Flat

34. In Dickens A Tale of Two cities referrers to
Ans:- London and Paris

35. The theme of Tennyson Idylls of the King is
Ans:- The story of King Arthur and His Round Table

36. Tennyson Queen Mary is
Ans:- Drama

37. ”And there be no moaning of the bar, when I put out to sea” these lines occur in Tennyson
Ans:- Crossing the Bar

38. Which poem of Browning begins ”Grow old along with me I the best yet to be”
Ans:- Rabble Ben Ezra

39. ”I was ever a fighter, so one fight more the best and the last” Poem Browning lines occur
Ans:- Prospice

40. ”God in his heaven alright with the world” lines occur
Ans:- Pippa Passes

41. ”Truth sits upon the lips of dying man” in which poem Mathew Arnold occur these lines
Ans:- Soharb and Rustam

42. Who is the author of the Origin of Species?
Ans:- Charles Darwin

43. Which of the following was the most popular form of literature during the Victorian Age
Ans:- Novel

44. Lord Tennyson as appointed Poet Laureate in
Ans:- 1850

45. In 1884 Lord Tennyson has created a baron and set in
Ans:- The House of Lords

46. The character Maggie and Tom Tuliver belongs to
Ans:- The mill on the floss

47. Which of the following is George Eliot’s last novel?
Ans:- Daniel Deronda

48. The story of George Eliot —set in medieval Florance.
Ans:- Romola

49. Which of the following is Dicken’s first novel
Ans:- The Pickwick Paper

50. Phrases like ”Eternal note of sadness and human misery” belong to
Ans:- Dover Beach

51. refers to the theme of human beings’ unquotable thirst for knowledge and wandering.
Ans:- Ulysses

52. London town is found a living being in the work of
Ans:- Charles Dickens

53. ‘A song embodying religious and scared emotion”
Ans:- Hymn

54. Who wrote the book ‘Ivan Hoe’?
Ans:- Sir Walter Scott

55. Who wrote the poem, Ulysses?
Ans:- Alfred Tennyson

56. Which poetry is written by Sir Walter Scott?
Ans:- Patriotism

57. Tennyson wrote
Ans:- The Lotus-Eater

58. ”The Falcon is a comedy by
Ans:- Alfred Tennyson

59. Browning was the composer of any of the following poem
Ans:- Andrea Del Sarto

60. The Poem ‘The Patriot’ is written by
Ans:- Robert Browning

61. The Scholar Gipsy was written by
Ans:- Mathew Arnold

62. Mathew Arnold belongs to
Ans:- Victorian Age

63. Who wrote ‘Three Musketeers?
Ans:- Alexander Dumas

64. Vanity Fair is a —
Ans:- Novel

65. Vanity Fair is a novel by————
Ans:- Thackeray

66. A Tale of Two Cities a novel by
Ans:- Dickens

67. Who did not receive Nobel Prize in Literature?
Ans:- Leo Tolstoy

68. Who wrote ”War and Peace”?
Ans:- Leo Tolstoy

69. The Return of the Native is written by
Ans:- Thomas Hardy

70. Sherlock Holmes was written by
Ans:- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

71. Give me a good mother, I will give you a good nation was the observation of
Ans:- Napoleon

72. Who was a Poet Laureate after William Wordsworth?
Ans:- Alfred Tennyson

73. Who is the author of Arabian Nights?
Ans:- Sir Richard Burton

75. Wuthering Heights wrote by
Ans:- Emily Bronte

76. Which novel features the detecting skill of Sergeant Cuff?
Ans:- The Moonstone

78. Which poet wrote this line ”Oh to be in England, Now that Aprils there”?
Ans:- Robert Browning

79. Which novel bears the subtitle ”A pure woman”?
Ans:- Tess of the Urbervilles

80. Which nations have the alternative title” The Two Nations”?
Ans:- Sybil

81. Which of these novels set in a large part of America?
Ans:- Martin Chuzzlewit

82. Which poet asserted each man kill the thing he loves?
Ans:- Oscar Wild

83. Which Dicken’s novel features the London debtor’s person the Marshalsea?
Ans:- Little Dorrit

84. Who wrote Modern Love?
Ans:- George Meredith

85. Which age was one of the prosperous ages in the history of English literature?
Ans:- Victorian Age

86. Elizabeth Gaskell novel Mary Barton is sub-titled
Ans:- A Tale of Manchester Life

87. The City of Dreadful Night written by
Ans:- James Thomson

88. The Term ‘Curtal Sonnet’ was coined by
Ans:- Gerard Manley Hopkins

89. What was the first literary experiment of Charles Dickens?
Ans:- Sketches By Boz

90. What is the sub-title of ‘Oliver Twist’
Ans:- The Paris’s Boy Progress

91. Which of the following worked as an editor of the Cornhill Magazine?
Ans:- W.M Thackeray

92. Emily’s Bronte Wuthering Heights published in
Ans:- 1848

93. Which of the following Tennyson poems is a Dramatic Monologue?
Ans:- Tithonus

94. Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species published in
Ans:- 1859

95. Vanity Fair by W.M Thackeray used the title of
Ans:- Pilgrim’s Progress. John Bunyan

96. Which play of Wilde has the subtitle ‘A trivial comedy for serious people’
Ans:- The Importance of Being Earnest

97. Samuel Butler’s Erewhon is an example of
Ans:- Utopia Literature

98. The book ”The defense of Guenevere and other poems by William Morries is dedicated to
Ans:- Dante Gabriel Rosette

99. What is the full name of Dante Gabriel Rosette?
Ans:- Gabriel Charles Dante Rossette

100. Which of the following is Jane Eyre’s pupil at Thornfield Hall?
Ans:- Adele

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