The Tiger

250 Words The Tiger Essay In English

The tiger is a wild animal. He is a very ferocious animal. He is now called the King of beasts (jungle). The tiger is beautiful to look at. He is as big as a lion, but in appearance, it is like a cat. He has sharp nails in his strong claws. His eyes are large and bright. They look like balls of fire in the dark.

His head is round and his ears are short. He has whiskers like a cat. He has a soft pad under his feet. His legs are very strong. His body is covered with soft hair with stripes. His color is yellowish-brown. The leopard has a black spot all over his body. The tiger has no mane. He has a long tail.

Tigers live in hot countries. They are found in India, Myanmar, and Malaysia. The hills of Assam, Tripura, and Madhya Pradesh are around with tigers. White tigers are found in Madhya Pradesh but are very rare.

The Royal Bengal tigers of the Sundarbans in Bengal are by far the largest of all. They look majestic in their appearance. They are known for their strength. The leopard is smaller in size. The wolf is mainly found in countries like England.

The tiger is a flesh-eating animal. He is cruel and bloodthirsty. He sleeps by day and hunts at night. He is more dangerous than the lion. He kills animals even when he is not hungry. Sometimes he comes to the houses of men. He carries away cows or buffaloes.

The tiger is not useful to us. It does harm to man. His skin is used as a cushion on the seat. His fur makes fine rugs. Trained tigers show tricks in a circus.

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