Romantic Period

100+ Romantic Period MCQ Questions in English Literature

1. William Blake’s Song of Innocence came out in
Ans:- 1789

2. Blake’s Songs of Innocence published in
Ans:- 1794

3. Which of the following was Blake’s first volume of poems
Ans:- Poetical Sketches

4. ”Tyger, Tyger Buring Bright” appears in
Ans:- Songs of Experience

5. Blake Dictum that Milton was ”a true poet of and the devil party without knowing it” appears in
Ans:- The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

6. Without Contraries no progression” appears in
Ans:- Blake

7. ”To Generalize is to befool” appears in
Ans:- Blake

8. ”To Dissect is to kill” appears in
Ans:- The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

9. Lyrical Ballads was published in
Ans:- 1798

10. Preface to Lyrical Ballads written by
Ans:- Wordsworth

11. ”Michael” of Wordsworth was
Ans:- Was included later in Lyrical Ballad

12. Which of the following poems is a part of the Lyrical Ballad
Ans:- Tintern Abbey

13. ”Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven” these lines from Wordsworth refers to
Ans:- French Revolution

14. The Prelude of Wordsworth was published in
Ans:- 1850

15. Keat’s statement that ”We hate poetry that has palpable design up to us” is said in relation to
Ans:- Wordsworth

16. “And never turned a stone” appears in which poem
Ans:- Michael

17. Wordsworth’s first publication was
Ans:- Descriptive Sketches

18. For whom did Browning says ”For a handful of silver he left us”
Ans:- Wordsworth

19. Who defines ”Poetry as a spontaneous overflow of power flow feeling”
Ans:- Wordsworth

20. Who among the following still hear” the still sad music of humanity”
Ans:- Wordsworth

21. ” To me, the meanest flower that blows can give a thought that does often lie too deep for tears” these lines are from
Ans:- Immorality Ode

22. Who lunched the newspaper The Watchman for converting humanity
Ans:- Coleridge

23. Who wrote the poem” The Rime of Ancient Mariner”
Ans:- Coleridge

24. Which of the following poems of Coleridge uses the myth of Lamia and Vampire
Ans:- Cristobel

25. The Phrases “Starlit Dome” and” Road to Xanadu” appears in which poem
Ans:- Kubla Khan

26. Who wrote Biographia Literaria
Ans:- S. T Coleridge

27. Which works of Coleridge, among the following, on the subject of philosophy
Ans:- Aids to Reflection

28. Lectures on Shakespeare published in
Ans:- Posthumously

29. Which poem of Byron makes him famous overnight?
Ans:- Childe Harold

30. ”She Walks in Beauty like the night” appears in
Ans:- Byron

31. Which of the poem of Byron considered the greatest
Ans:- Don Juan

32. Which of the following works of Byron is not a play
Ans:- The Vision of Judgement

33. Who wrote the ”The Necessity of Atheism ”
Ans:- Shelley

34. Shelley’s poem Queen Mab is one of his
Ans:- Early Poems

35. Which one of the following the works of Shelley’s poetic drama
Ans:- The Cenci

36. Shelley based his poem Prometheus Unbound on an ancient play
Ans:- Aeschylus

37. ”If winter comes, can spring be far behind” appears in
Ans:- Ode to the West Wind

38. Shelly wrote Adonais on the death of
Ans:- Keats

39. ”Our sweetest song are those tell us saddest thoughts ”comes from
Ans:- Shelley

40. Which of the following of Shelley’s represents Byron through a characters
Ans:- Julian and Maddalo

41. Shelle’s Deafens of poetry was proved by
Ans:- Peacock

42. Who wrote ”Imitation of Spenser”
Ans:- Keats

43. ”On first looking into Chapman Homer” is about Keats parse of
Ans:- Chapman translation of Homer

44. Which poem of Keats open with” A think of beauty joy forever”
Ans:- Endymion

45. Which of the following poems of Keats based on a tale from Boccaccio?
Ans:- Isabella or The Pot of Basil

56. Keats’ Hyperion ‘is written in the epic style of
Ans:- Milton

57. Which poem of Keats borrow its story from Burtons ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’
Ans:- Lamia

58. If poetry does not come as naturally as leaves to a tree it had better not come at all, This statement comes from
Ans:- Keats

59. Which of the following poems of Southey not long
Ans:- The Battle of Blenheim

60. Thomas Hood is best known by which of the following
Ans:- The Songs of Shirt

61. Which among the following is known as the peasant poet?
Ans:- John Clear

61. John Clear is best known as which of the following
Ans:- Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Synergy

62. Who is known for the Waverly Novel?
Ans:- Walter Scott

63. Walter Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border is a work of
Ans:- Of editing old materials

64. Which of the following works of Scott is considered as best
Ans:- The Lady of the lake

65. Which of the following novels of Scott deals with the murder of Lady Leicester?
Ans:- Kenilworth

66. The title of Scott’s novel The Heart of Midlothian is derived from
Ans:- Prison in Edinburg

67. Walter Scott is known as the father of
Ans:- Historical Novel

68. Who wrote Lives of the Novelist?
Ans:- Walter Scott

69. Who wrote the Life of Nelson?
Ans:- Walter Scott

70. Jane Austen First Novel Was
Ans:- Pride and Prejudice

71. Which of the following novel by Jane Austen was posthumously published?
Ans:- Northanger Abbey

72. Which of the following Jane Austen novel deals with elopement
Ans:- Pride and Prejudice

73. Mr. Collins is a character in which of the following novel
Ans:- Emma

74. Which of the following novel by Maria Edgeworth is considered her best
Ans:- Castle Rackrent

75. Who else besides Lamb studied at Christ’s Hospital?
Ans:- Coleridge

76. Tales From Shakespeare was written by
Ans:- Mary and Charles Lamb

77. Essay of Elia was written by
Ans:- Charles Lamb

78. Dream Children was written by
Ans:- Charles Lamb

79. Confession of an English Opium-Eater was written by
Ans:- Thomas De Quincey

80. Who wrote the Recollection of the Lakes and Lake Poets?
Ans:- Thomas De Quincey

81. On Murder Considered as one of the finest art by De Quincey
Ans:- Black Humour

82. On the Tragedy of Shakespear comes from
Ans:- Charles Lamb

83. Who among the romantic never seen the mountain
Ans:- Lamb

84. Walter Savage Lander best known for
Ans:- Imaginary Conversation

85. Who said ”there are no such things as a long poem”
Ans:- Edger Allen Poe

86. Who held three inches of ivory as an appropriate canvas for a novelist
Ans:- Jane Austen

87. Who claimed that ”Poets are the acknowledged legislature of the world”
Ans:- P.B Shelley

88. Who considered ”three or four families in a country village as an ideal subject for the novel”
Ans:- Jane Austen

89. Who among the following is not a member of the Cockney School of poetry
Ans:- Lord Byron

90. Who was the lack of poets
Ans:- Wordsworth, Coleridge, Southey

91. The Era mostly focus on
Ans:- Feeling

92. What historical movement sparked the romantic movement?
Ans:- Industrial Revolution

93. Who inspired British Romantic writers for their ideals of liberty and freedom?
Ans:- America and France

94. Who created the term romantic period?
Ans:- Victorian Critics

95. Who term Romantic age as the age of Wordsworth
Ans:- Louis Cazamian

96. Wordsworth focus more on
Ans:- Nature

97. Coleridge focus more on
Ans:- Supernatural Elements

98. In 1975 William Wordsworth met and worked with
Ans:- S.T Coleridge

99. Wordsworth also called
Ans:- Poet and Prophet of Nature

100. Songs of Innocence and of experience written by
Ans:- William Blake

101. Water-Water Every Where, Nor any drop to drink
Ans:- S.T Coleridge

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