Republic Day

200 Words Republic Day Essay In English

This year we celebrated Republic Day in our college. On this day every student came to the college in uniform. All the students were in the college at about 7 am.

First of all, assembled in the college hall. Then the bell rang. We were asked to go to the prayer ground for the flag hoisting ceremony. The principal hoisted the national flag.

After the flag hoisting ceremony, our vice principal Sri Hari Raj Verma read the message. We were asked to work have for the progress of the country.

Our physical structure Shri R.K. Singh asked us to be ready for a parade. All the students obeyed his order, we did our best. Then the games started. Everybody liked the peons’ race.

In the end, our principal made a short speech. He told us the importance of the day. He appreciated our discipline. He advised us to work hard for the good of the country. He asked us to live and behave like good citizens.

Then he announced one day’s holiday. This made up very happy. At about 10 am, the function was over. So we returned home joyfully.

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