Railway Coolie

200 Words Railway Coolie Essay In English

A railway coolie belongs to the labor class. He is seen at big railway stations. A railway coolie wears a red shirt, white loin, and a fan on his head. He has a brass badge which he tries around on his arms. His number is no it.

His work is very hard. He carries the luggage of the passengers. He helps the passengers in getting seats in the compartment when there is a rush at the platform, he comes forward to help us. people ask him about the arrival and departure of the train. He also tells them the number of the platform on which the train is to arrive.
Most of his time is passed at the station. when there are no trains he sits among other coolies and cuts jokes.

If a coolies is not available at the station, we can understand how difficult it becomes for us. He is the most helping hand at the station. It is very difficult for women and children to enter the train without his help.

We should treat him with respect and sympathy. We should pay him his due.

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