200 Words Obedience Essay In English

Obedience is a great virtue. It should be cultivated by everyone. Obedience is essential at every stage of life. A person without this quality can’t succeed in life.

Obedience means compliance with the direction or orders of our superiors. A boy or a girl who does not obey her parents is never good. Such a child goes astray and is not liked by anyone. Obedience to parents is absolutely necessary for the formation of character which is the solid foundation of future happiness.

Just as at home, obedience is of great importance in school also. An obedient pupil listens to the teacher’s instructions. He does everything as he is asked to do and never does anything forbidden. He shines well in school, scores good results at examinations,s and is praised by one and all. All his relatives and friends feel proud of him. Even the blessings of God are showered upon him in plenty.

Obedience is necessary for practical life as well. Whatever every work we may choose for our profession, obedience is urgently required of us.

To gain success, we must obey our superiors everywhere. Disobedience is the root of all disorders. Like other great habits, obedience too should be acquired in early life. A family without obedience can never be happy.

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