300 Words Newspaper Essay In English

The 20th century is an age of newspapers. They have become a part and parcel of our life. Early in the morning when we get up, we want bed tea. But at the same time, we wait for the newspaper boy. without reading it, we feel as if we have missed something very useful.

The newspaper has a number of uses. It gives us the latest news about our country and the foreign countries. Sitting at home, we can know what is happening in our country and other countries.

It not only gives us news but also views and reviews. Through it, we can learn the thoughts and opinions of others. it is also a source of amusement. When we feel dull, we can read a story, the humorous essays can amuse us. It is our companion at home and also in our journey.

It is a source of advertisement and propaganda. Businessmen carry on their propaganda through it. If a person is unemployed, he can read the vacancy columns, film fans can read the film announcement and a businessman can read the rates of the different articles.

In the words of Late Pt. Nehru, the newspaper is our master. It educates us. It molds public opinion and educates the masses. It inspires us and informs us. It is alike between the people and the government. Through it, we can carry our voice to the government and get out grievances redressed. It safeguards the interests and rights of the people.

During the election days, it plays an important part by publishing the policy and program of different parties. It is a bridge that links one country with the other. It can make a leader or unmake him. Without it, we are just like the frog of a well.

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