My Principal

200 Words My Principal Essay In English

I read in M.D.inter college Saharanpur. Shri Sher Singh Ji is my principal. He is a man of simple living and high thinking. He wears a very simple dress. He wears trousers and shirts in summer. He wears woolen clothes in winter.

His behavior towards the staff members and the students is very nice. He loves students very much.

He is very dutiful, punctual and regular. He reaches the college before the bell rings. He sees to everything. He inspects the office and the classrooms to see if they are clean and orderly. He is a man of discipline.

He is strict in matters of teaching. He checks classes. No teachers reach late in his class. He checks and writes homework every class. The peons are very active in their duties due to his strictness.

He has much interest in games and sports. Due to his interest, our college has been winning shields and trophies in state Tournaments for some years. He also arranges debates and dramas in the college.

The result of the Board’s examination is praiseworthy. Everybody has high regard for him and respect him.

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