My Favourite Teacher

170 Words My Favourite Teacher Essay In English

Mr Ved Prakash Sharma is my favourite teacher. He teaches us English. He is my class teacher also.
He wears a white kurta and dhoti in summer. He wears a long woollen coat in winter.

He is an M.A. B.Ed. He has gone through with the English teaching course of C.I.E.F.L. Hyderabad.

He has many good qualities. He loves his students. He teaches us sincerely. He never scolds the student who puts his difficulty before him. He explains things in a simple and sweet manner.

I have high regard for him. I consider him to be the best teacher in the school. He is the best English teacher in our city.

He has impressed everyone very much with his knowledge and behaviour. He exercises a good influence on his fellow teachers. All the students regard him as an ideal teacher.

He commanded respect from all the college teachers and students. I am very proud of my Guruji. I love him a lot. May he live long!

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