Mother Teresa

450 Words Mother Teresa Essay In English

Mother Teresa is in reality a saint through whom the light of God shines. She has dedicated her whole life to the cause of the poor, the weak, the suffering, the helpless, the downtrodden, and the rejected. The organization of sisters and brothers she started for the good of the poor about thirty-three years ago has now grown into a worldwide organization.

The Nobel prize foundation has ennobled itself by rewarding mother Teresa with the Nobel prize for peace of 1979.

Mother Teresa was born in Albania in Yugoslavia on 26 August 1910. Even at the age of twelve, she decided to become a nun. At eighteen, she joined the order of Irish Loreto nuns in Kolkata.

After taking her vows, she became a teacher in the St. Marya High school, Kolkata. she spent the next 20 years as a teacher and then as a principal. But, all these years, she was much perturbed by the misery, she saw around in the slums of Kolkata. On September 10, 1946, she heard an inner call to leave the convent and work outside among the poorest of the poor.

After getting the training of nursing in Patna, she began the mission of love and care by going around the streets of Kolkata, picking up the Sick, the forsaken, and the dying. She begged the Kolkata corporation for peace and started her work in Dharamshala near the Kalighat Temple. From this small beginning now have grown up 98 schools, 425 mobile dispensaries, 102 leprosy clinics, 48 homes for the abandoned children and the dying destitute.

Mother Teresa was an embodiment of simplicity. She walked bare-food in the ‘mother House’ where she lives to the little room where she received visitors. The room contained only a table and few chairs. Mother Teresa used to meet all who come to her. For each one, she had a warm greeting to everyone and was always ready to serve patients. Her manner is extremely humble, her voice is soft and gentle and her smile is from the depth of her heart. She along with her sisters was busy from morning till evening. She attended to correspondence and routine work after all had retired.

Over the above, Mother Teresa is an apostle of love and peace. She believed that all the disturbance in the world begins from home. If there is love at home naturally that love will go out into the world. Thus we don’t need bombs and guns to bring peace. In her message to the people, she said, “Let us love one another as God loves each one of us and so bring peace in our own heart, our home, our country, and in the own world.

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