Me and The Ecology Bit

Me and The Ecology Bit Objective Questions are very important for exam point of view for all those candidates who are going to appear in objective type is written examinations and who want to know more about Class 10th English Literature. Check English literature objective multiple choice question answers on Me and The Ecology Bit English Literature.

Me and The Ecology Bit Objective Questions

1. Who is the author of ‘ Me and the Ecology Bit ’?
A. John Hutchinson
B. John Lexau
C. Toni Morrison
D. none of these

Ans:- B. John Lexau

2. It is hard to get people to work for …….
A. Environment
B. Harmony
C. Forestation
D. Ecology

Ans:- D. Ecology

3. In “ Me and the Ecology Bit ”, the narrator talks about how he advises everybody what they should do to protect the ……
A. elderly
B. ecology
C. children
D. pedestrians

Ans:- B. ecology

4. The narrator told Mr Williams not to burn leaves as it is ………. for the air and ecology.
A. excellent
B. bad
C. good
D. helpful

Ans:- B. bad ​

5. Jim asked Mr Green to keep the old newspapers for the school-going children who ……… them
A. brunt
B. bought
C. read
D. collected

Ans:- D. collected ​​

6. Jim told Mr Johnson that it would reduce ………… and save ecology if he did not use his car for travelling to a short distance.
A. petrol
B. pollution
C. weight
D. diesel

Ans:- B. pollution ​​

7. Jim’s mother told him that he used up ……… watching television all the time.
A. Petrol
B. Water
C. Electricity
D. Time

Ans:- C. Electricity ​​​

8. When the narrator sat down to write, Gillu wanted to catch her ………
A. attention
B. pen
C. papers
D. hair

Ans:- A. attention ​​​

9. What did the author do for the environment?
A. Doing plantation
B. Avoiding pollution
C. By A warning people
D. none of these

Ans:- C. By A warning people ​​​​

10. To whom the author told that you should not burn the leaves?
A. Mr John
B. Mr Williams
C. Mr Charles
D. none of these

Ans:- B. Mr Williams ​​​​​

11. Which route does the author follow?
A. physical route
B. Communication route
C. paper route
D. none of these

Ans:- C. paper route ​​​​​​

12. What according to the author is good for the garden?
A. Fertilizer
B. irrigation
C. Compost
D. None of these

Ans:- C. Compost ​​​​​​​

13. What type of pollution is created by compost according to Mr Williams?
A. Air pollution
B. Water pollution
C. Noise pollution
D. none of these

Ans:- C. Noise pollution ​​​​​​​

14. Which word is known as ‘ filth ’?
A. Garbage
B. Compost
C. Ecology
D. Lawn

Ans:- A. Garbage ​​​​​​​

15. Where was Mrs Greene piling newspapers?
A. Next to her garbage bag
B. In the corner of the garden
C. Anywhere on campus
D. none of these

Ans:- A. Next to her garbage bag ​​​​​​​

16. Mr Johnson said he was trying to get to the ……….
A. Car
B. House
C. Post office
D. Ecology

Ans:- C. Post office ​​​​​​​

17. Mr Williams was at his ……….
A. school
B. house
C. garden
D. weekend

Ans:- B. house ​​​​​​​

18. Mr Johnson said he was going to the ………
A. Post office
B. School
C. House
D. Car

Ans:- A. Post office ​​​​​​​

19. Everybody is in favour of ………. but nobody wants to do anything about it.
A. Gardening
B. Ecology
C. Truth
D. Humanity

Ans:- B. Ecology ​​​​​​​

20. When the narrator went to his house Mr Johnson ran to his
A. house
B. garden
C. School
D. car

Ans:- D. car ​​​​​​​

21. Who messes up Ms Greene’s yard?
A. Mr Johnson
B. The narrator
C. pollution
D. A dog

Ans:- D. A dog

22. Choose the antonym of ‘ hold ’ from the given words
A. mess
B. release
C. snatch
D. heap

Ans:- B. release

23. Who had thrown a gum wrapper on Ms Greene’s lawn?
A. The dog
B. Johnson
C. Williams
D. Jim

Ans:- D. Jim

24. The narrator found a lot of people outside because it had just turned ……….
A. spring
B. autumn
C. outside
D. inside

Ans:- A. spring

25. Women use too many ……… things.
A. mixer
B. boxer
C. mixing
D. electric

Ans:- D. electric

26. The correct meaning of ‘ pile ’ is ………
A. dust
B. dirt
C. heap
D. garbage

Ans:- C. heap

27. We had a lot about ……….. and ecology in school.
A. environment
B. garden
C. trees
D. none of these

Ans:- C. trees

28. What form of electricity did the narrator use?
A. different kind
B. same kind
C. another kind
D. none of these

Ans:- B. same kind

29. Choose the noun word of ‘ electric ’ from the given words
A. electrify
B. electrically
C. electricity
D. electrical

Ans:- C. electricity

30. Nobody’s willing to do anything about ……….
A. environment
B. ecology
C. neighbourhood
D. country

Ans:- B. ecology

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