Indira Gandhi

200 Words Indira Gandhi Essay In English

I saw Mrs.Indira Gandhi as a heroine from Indian History. She was born on 19 November 1917 at Allahabad. She was the only daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. She got her early education at home, then at Shantiniketan. She was sent to England for higher education.

She was brave and fearless. She organized ‘Banar sena’ in the struggle for India’s freedom. She nationalized 14 banks even spread Indian principles and politics in-country and abroad. She fought to relieve the Indian National Congress of the syndicate. A new Indian National Congress emerged under the leadership of congress.

Besides the nationalization of 14 banks, she made an overhaul of Indian politics, at home and abroad. She helped Bangladesh as a nation. She imposed an emergency in 1977 to implement her 20-point program to make India economically strong, although she had to suffer from a stroke of it. She was elected as the chairperson of N.A.M. and played an important role.

On 31st October 1984, she was shot dead by her security guards Satwant Singh and Beant Singh. indeed, she is our heroine in Indian History.

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