Indian Soldier

200 Words Indian Soldier Essay in English

Only the brave deserve the fair’ and an Indian soldier is the pride of our nation.

India is famous for its soldiers in the whole of the world. Indian soldiers have shown their worth in many wars during the last 10 years.

The soldier is a government servant and his main work is to safeguard the boundaries of the country. He can be easily recognized from his khaki dress and heavy boots. He looks very active and smart in his dress.

The life of a soldier is very hard. He gets up early in the morning and goes to the parade ground. Thus he learns how to use weapons in modern wars. Then he returns to his barrack, takes bath, and meals.

He recreates with his fellow soldiers. In the evening, he is again ready for practice on the ground. At night he has to attend the classes where military training is imparted.

Many Indian soldiers made their name is immortal in the recent IndoPak conflict. Many were rewarded with medals and cash prizes. The whole world saw the bravery of the Indian soldiers.

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