Independence day

150 Words Independence Day Essay In English

India become free on August 15, 1947. We celebrate our Independence Day on this day every year.

We got up early for Prabhat pheri on August 15, this year. We sang ‘jug Musafir Bhor Bhai’ and shouted slogans.

We reached the school at 8 o’clock in uniform. We stood in lines before the flag pole. The M.L.A of the locality was invited for hoisting the tri-color. The national anthem and the flag songs were sung. The slogans-victory to mother India and others were shouted.

The messages of the Governor and the education minister of a state were readout. speeches were given as to how we got freedom. cultural activities were performed. In a football match teachers versus students was played.

Our college looked very beautiful on this day. Everybody showed zeal and joy for independence. sweets were distributed. We returned home in the evening.

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