Gillu Objective Questions are very important for exam point of view for all those candidates who are going to appear in objective type is written examinations and who want to know more about Class 10th English Literature. Check English literature objective multiple choice question answers on Me and The Ecology Bit English Literature.

Gillu Objective Questions

1. Who has written Gillu ’?
A. Mahadevi Verma
B. Satyajit Ray
C. Puran Singh
D. Vidyapati

Ans:- A. Mahadevi Verma

2. Mahadevi Verma was an ………. poetess.
A. African
B. American
C. Indian
D. Sri Lankan

Ans:- C. Indian

3. Gillu is about true friendship between a human being and a/an ………..
A. animal
B. alien
C. microorganism
D. ghost

Ans:- A. animal

4. Everyone told that narrator that the Squirrel would not ………. after being attacked so badly by the crows.
A. move
B. eat
C. live
D. sleep

Ans:- C. live

5. When the narrator sat down to write, Gillu wanted to catch her ………….
A. attention
B. pen
C. papers
D. hair

Ans:- A. attention

6. Gillu’s favorite food was ……….
A. rice
B. bread
C. Kaju
D. jam

Ans:- C. Kaju

7. Gillu was the name of a …………
A. dog
B. cat
C. squirrel
D. monkey

Ans:- C. squirrel

8. Mahadevi Verma was a leading poetess of the ………. School of poetry.
A. Chayavadi School
B. Revolutionary School
C. Bhakti School
D. none of these

Ans:- A. Chayavadi School

9. Mahadevi Verma died in the year
A. 1907
B. 1905
C. 1967
D. 1987

Ans:- D. 1987

10. Antonym of the word ‘exception ’ is
A. different
B. talented
C. ordinary
D. special

Ans:- C. ordinary

11. The life span of squirrels is
A. One year
B. Four year
C. Two year
D. Two weeks

Ans:- C. Two year

12. What was taken off when Gillu died?
A. The Kaju
B. The flower pots
C. The swing
D. The bed

Ans:- C. The swing

13. On his last night, Gillu came down from his swing to the
A. Garden
B. Narrator’s bed
C. Departure
D. Opening

Ans:- B. Narrator’s bed

14. Gillu was very sad because of the narrators.
A. Presence
B. Absence
C. Sickness
D. Scolding

Ans:- B. Absence

15. Mahadevi Verma was the recipient of which of the following award?
A. Bharat Bharati
B. Mangla Prasad Prize
C. Padma Bhushan
D. All of these

Ans:- D. All of these

16. Mahadevi Verma was an elected fellow of ……….. academy.
A. Sahitya
B. Sangit Natak
C. Kala
D. None of these

Ans:- A. Sahitya

17. To which game does the writer compare the crows play?
A. To bite and fly
B. To hide and Seek
C. Both A. and (B)
D. None of these

Ans:- B. To hide and Seek

18. Gillu would come back to life in the form of small yellow ………
A. Sunflower
B. Juhi flower
C. Mustard
D. Daffodils

Ans:- B. Juhi flower

19. Which of the following name was given to the squirrel?
A. it would survive
B. there is half-chances of survival
C. it would not survive
D. One of these

Ans:- C. it would not survive

20. Give the meaning of amazing?
A. Wonderful
B. Astonishing
C. joyful
D. None of these

Ans:- C. joyful

21. Mahadevi Verma was born in
A. 1905
B. 1906
C. 1907
D. 1908

Ans:- C. 1907

22. Gillu was very sad about her absence. Here ‘ her ’ referred to
A. Gillu’s friend
B. servant
C. cow
D. Mahadevi Verma

Ans:- D. Mahadevi Verma

23. Everyone told the narrator that Gillu wood ……….
A. live
B. live happily
C. not live
D. run away

Ans:- C. not live

24. who greatly surprised everyone after three to four months by the improvement in his health?
A. The narrator
B. The cow
C. Gillu
D. The crow

Ans:- C. Gillu

25. Gillu departed from this word in the …….
A. morning
B. evening
C. noon
D. midnight

Ans:- A. morning

26. Gillu was put to external rest under the ……….
A. earth
B. sonjuhi creeper
C. mango tree
D. none of these

Ans:- B. sonjuhi creeper

27. Gillu was buried under the Sonjuhi creeper because he loved it ………
A. much
B. more
C. most
D. least

Ans:- C. most

28. Who was Gillu?
A. a person
B. an animal
C. a squirrel
D. a cat

Ans:- C. a squirrel

29. What was the common name of Gillu?
A. gallu
B. glihri
C. Golu
D. gilahari

Ans:- D. gilahari

30. Who started calling the baby squirrel Gillu?
A. Mahadevi Verma
B. Servants
C. All
D. none of these

Ans:- C. All

31. Gillu was an ……….
A. exception
B. extraordinary
C. excellent
D. animal

Ans:- D. animal

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