350 Words Friends Essay In English

The man who has no friends is unfortunate. But he who believes he has friends but actually has none is even more unfortunate. A false friend is worse than a foe. True friends multiply joys and divide griefs. They are not made, they are recognized. They grow better over time.

When a person is lucky, he can make as many friends as he likes. The world is ever prepared to share the moments of your happiness with you. When the weather is fair and your life is smooth and there is no storm to shake and invade the calm of your life, you may take round to find yourself surrounded by a large number of apparently dependable-looking friends.

But your life may get a turn for the worse and you may find yourself surrounded by only dark clouds of despair. The faces that are with you form all sides we lose countenance and disappear as though they were never there. Good fortune makes friends and adversity try them. There is no dearth of fair-weather friends. They come and go with every season.

There are others who become friends under some compelling need. They become your friends not out of any feelings for you. They become your friend at a particular period in your life. They happen to need you.

Busybodies believe in such friendship. friendship to them is a sort of politics in their own circle. Such people are too clever to be real friends. And the moment they need for friendship is no more, their friendship is no more too.

But a loving heart finds satisfaction in friendship. This friendship is born and is constant in the heart of man. It is like nature finding fulfillment in another. Adversity can’t separate them. And good fortune can’t make them more friendly.

Such friends are rare indeed but they are the pride of humanity. A man who can claim to have good friends is a happy man. He is a favorite of God and is in possession of God’s greatest gift.

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