The Cow

300 Words Cow Essay In English

The cow is a domestic animal. Everybody has seen a cow. She has four legs, two ears, two eyes and two horns. She has a long face. She has a long tail. There is a tuft of hair at the end of her tail. She drives away flies with it. Her body is covered with short hair. She has no teeth in the upper Jaw. Her hoofs are divided in the middle. Some cows have no horns.

There are many kinds of cows. Some are big and some are small in size. Cows are of many colours. Some are black. Some white and some are of mixed colours.

The cow is found in all parts of the world. She is a peaceful and harmless animal. She does not attack anybody. But a mother cow is very jealous. She will not allow anybody to molest her calf. She loves her calf dearly.

The cow lives on grass, hay and bran. She chews the cud. She drinks water and gruel. The cow is the most useful of all domestic animals.

Her uses are many and varied. she gives us milk. Milk is the most nutritious food for human babies. Many sweets are made from it. We get butter, cheese, curd and ghee from it. The hide of the cow makes excellent leather. Bags and many other articles are made from this leather. We get glue from her horns. Cow dung is good manure. It is also used as a good fuel. The ox the bull is used for ploughing the land and drawing the cart. Every part of the cow is useful to men.

The cow is the great benefactor of mankind. The Hindus worship the cow as a deity. Still, the cow is sadly neglected.
We should take good care of the cow and feed her properly.

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